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The Gini coefficient, sometimes called the Gini Index or Gini ratio, is a statistical measure of distribution intended to represent the income or wealth distribution of a nation. The Gini coefficient was developed by Italian statistician Corrado Gini in 1912 and is the most commonly used measurement of wealth or income inequality Population with at least some secondary education (% ages 25 and older) 70.2. Population with at least some secondary education, female (% ages 25 and older) 67.4. Population with at least some secondary education, male (% ages 25 and older) 72.8. Primary school dropout rate (% of primary school cohort) 4.0 Iran's Gini Index up 2.8%. Financial Tribune - Iran's Gini Index was at 0.4093 in the last fiscal year (March 2018-19), indicating that the gap between the rich and the poor increased by 0.0112 points or 2.8% compared with the year before (March 2017-18) Det här är en lista över länder eller territorier efter inkomstfördelning, inklusive Ginikoefficienter enligt FN och CIA. (Not: För att sortera tabellen i avtagande ordning, klicka fyra gånger på sorteringsrutan över kolumnen. In economics, the Gini coefficient (/ ˈdʒiːni / JEE-nee), sometimes called the Gini index or Gini ratio, is a measure of statistical dispersion intended to represent the income inequality or wealth inequality within a nation or any other group of people. It was developed by the Italian statistician and sociologist Corrado Gini

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Gini Gini index, a quantified representation of a nation's Lorenz curve. A Gini index of 0% expresses perfect equality, while index of 100% expresses maximal inequality. UN Data from the United Nations Development Programme. World Bank Data from the World Bank. CIA Data from the Central Intelligence Agency's The World Factbook The Gini index of inequality of years of schooling for adults born in the 1950s was in excess of 0.60, compared to 0.35 for cohorts born 20 years later, which is a substantial decrease in education.. The Gini index for Iran's urban areas increased by 1.69% last year to reach 0.3793, while rural areas saw their Gini index rise by 5.86% to hit 0.3559 for the same period. As per the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan (2017-22), the Gini index is stipulated to drop to 0.34 by the end of the fiscal 2021-22 GINI index (World Bank estimate) Search glossaries Source: World Development Indicators | The World Bank. Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Korea Kosovo Kyrgyz Republic Lao PDR Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Lithuania Luxembourg Madagascar Malawi Malaysi Iran Gini Index Under Review The Gini index hit a 36-year low in the year ending March 2014 and settled at 0.3650 in that year. However, it began an uptrend during March 2014-19 but returned to a..

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Iran's Gini Index Up 2.8% I ran's Gini Index was at 0.4093 in the last fiscal year (March 2018-19), indicating that the gap between the rich and the poor increased by 0.0112 points or 2.8% compared.. 2020 Score. 25 /100. Since its inception in 1995, the Corruption Perceptions Index, Transparency International's flagship research product, has become the leading global indicator of public sector corruption. The index offers an annual snapshot of the relative degree of corruption by ranking countries and territories from all over the globe This statistic shows a ranking of the estimated worldwide Gini index in 2020, differentiated by country. Skip to main content. Try our corporate solution for free! (212) 419-8286

Gini index (World Bank estimate) - Iraq World Bank, Development Research Group. Data are based on primary household survey data obtained from government statistical agencies and World Bank country departments Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution. A Lorenz curve plots the cumulative percentages of total income received against the cumulative number of recipients, starting with the poorest individual or household Ginikoefficient är en ekonomisk måttenhet på ojämlikheten, till exempel i inkomstfördelning, hos en befolkning. Ginikoefficienter används för att jämföra inkomstspridningen mellan olika länder. Måttet bygger på Lorenzkurvan och visar hur inkomsterna är fördelade i en viss population. Låt A vara ytan under Lorenzkurvan för det teoretiska fallet att alla har samma inkomst och B.

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The Gini index is a coefficient ranging from 0 to 1 in which a coefficient lower than 0.2 shows complete equality, one between 0.2 and 0.3 represents high equality, one between 0.3 and 0.4 indicate The TEDPIX increased 1062112 or 281.72% since the beginning of 2021, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks this benchmark index from Iran. Historically, the Iran TEDPIX Stock Market Index reached an all time high of 2078546.70 in August of 2020 Iran achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of - and ranks -of all the countries analysed. Note on human right

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Iran: 17,2: 9,7: 43: 16,9: 1998: 43: 1998 - Irland: 9,4: 5,6: 34,3: 9,4: 2000: 32: 2005 - Israel: 13,4: 7,9: 39,2: 11,8: 2005: 38,6: 2005 - Italien: 11,6: 6,5: 36: 11,7: 2000: 33: 2005 - Jamaica: 17,3: 9,8: 45,5: 17,0: 2004: 45,5: 2004 - Japan: 4,5: 3,4: 24,9: 4,5: 1993: 38,1: 2002 - Jordanien: 11,3: 6,9: 38,8: 11,3: 2003: 38,8: 2003 - Kazakstan: 8,5: 5,6: 33,9: 8,0: 2004 up. 33,9: 2003 - Kenya: 13,6: 8,2: 42,5: 18,6: 2000: 44,5: 1997 - Nordkorea: i.u. i.u Numerical value of the Gini index is between 0 and 1, where 0 represents perfect equality and 1 represents perfect inequality. When the Gini index is less than 0.2, complete equality is observed in the distribution. If the value of the Gini index is between 0.2-0.3, moderate equality is observed in the distribution

37.9% of GDP (2017 est.) 37.6% of GDP (2016 est.) 35.2% of GDP (2015 est.) country comparison to the world (CIA rank, may be based on non-current data): 12. [see also: Gross national saving country ranks ] GDP - composition, by end use: household consumption: 49.7% (2017 est. Productivity relative to benchmark of complete education and full health. Iran, Islamic Rep. The Human Capital Index (HCI) database provides data at the country level for each of the components of the Human Capital Index as well as for the overall index, disaggregated by gender. The index measures the amount of human capital that a child born today. The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption according to experts and businesspeople, uses a scale of zero to 100, where zero is highly corrupt and 100 is very clean. Like previous years, more than two-thirds of countries score below 50 on this year's CPI, with an average score of just.

# Also see: http://www.cbi.ir/showitem/12659.aspx (in Persian) years = list (range (1386, 1393)) gini_index = [. 4045,. 3859,. 3939,. 3813,. 3750,. 3834,. 3944] inflation_rate = [18.4, 25.4, 10.8, 12.4, 21.5, 30.5, 34.7] n = len (years) xs = np. array (years) ys = np. array (gini_index) ys2 = np. array (inflation_rate) plt. style. use ('grayscale') fig = plt. figure ax = fig. add_subplot (111) axistexts = ax. set_xticklabels ([str (x) for x in xs]) plt. setp (axistexts, rotation =-45) plt. Iran has a very weak policy score, due largely to very weak public health policy, driven by a severe lack of testing and substantial misinformation and press limitations by the national authorities. The Covid-19 Global Response Index GINI index - Iraq. Value & Rank The GINI index of Iraq is 30.9 () with a global rank of 133. Iraq compared to other Countries The GINI index of Iraq is similar to that of Korea, Armenia, Hungary, Slovenia, Netherlands, Tajikistan, Egypt, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Austria with a respective GINI index of 31.6, 31.3, 31.2, 31.2, 30.9, 30.8, 30.8, 30.8, 30

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Iran (Islamic Republic of)'s Human Development Index value of 2018 is 0.797 - which put the country in the high human development category - positioning it at 65 out of 189 countries and territories. Click here to download the Iran Country Brief Irán - Índice GINI 38,80 (%) en 2018 Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income or consumption expenditure among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution Additionally, the Gini coefficient — the measure of the distribution of income across a population — shows that economic injustice has been steadily increasing in Iran. When President Hassan Rouhani's government took the helm of the executive branch in 2013, the income inequality index was about 0.3650 Iran's new wealthy class has succeeded in tapping the opportunities provided by a vast domestic market, by about 10 Gini points, from 0.56 to 0.46,. DEFINITION: Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income (or, in some cases, consumption expenditure) among individuals or households within an economy deviates from a perfectly equal distribution. A Lorenz curve plots the cumulative percentages of total income received against the cumulative number of recipients, starting with the poorest individual or household

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The Gini index is a coefficient ranging from 0 to 1 in which a coefficient lower than 0.2 shows complete equality, one between 0.2 and 0.3 represents high equality, one between 0.3 and 0.4 indicates inequality, one between 0.4 and 0.6 shows high inequality and a measure higher than 0.6 represents complete inequality in the distribution of the given variable The income of many large and poor families doubled within initial phase of reform, bringing per capita income above the poverty threshold of US$2 per capita a day. The Gini index also showed improvement by falling from 0.41 in 2010 to 0.37 in 2011 Iran's statistics institute state that with classification method Gini coefficient calculated this way: Each family's income(Y) divided to family's size so that per capita income is obtained. P_Y = Y/size Then per capita income is multiplied in weight W_Y = P_Y * weigh This study aims to assess geographical distribution of hospitals and extent of inequalities in hospital beds against socioeconomic status (SES) of residents of five metropolitan cities in Iran. A cross-sectional analysis was conducted to measure geographical inequality in hospital and hospital bed distributions of 68 districts in five metropolitan cities during 2016 using geographic.

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Iran. Econ. Rev. Vol. 24, No. 2, 2020. pp. 545-565 The Effect of Electronic Banking on Deposit Attraction and Gini coefficient, Linda index, adjusted concentration ratio and dispersion measure (Bikker and Haaf, 2002). In table 1 some indices for measuring concentration are given The Gini Index is a statistical measure that is used to represent unequal distributions, e.g. income distribution. It can take any value between 1 and 100 points (or 0 and 1) G: Gini Index. Y i: cumulative share of RHH in the ith province. X i: cumulative share of population (ranked by RHP) in the ith province. k: total number of provinces. Decile ratio. To calculate the decile ratio, the provinces were ranked by RHP. The top 10% from the top ratio is then divided by the 10% of the bottom

Inequality (measured by the Gini index) was 35.6 points and continued to increase after 2016/17. Rising living costs eroded the value of cash transfers and labor incomes in real terms Gini index 23 Dec 2018, 01:38. Hello How What are these values for other countries? ( example Iran) Comment. Post Cancel. Brina Seidel. Join Date: May 2017; Then, you should calculate a Gini using those adjusted income values the same way you would normally calculate a Gini

Disclaimer. You understand that when using the FRED® Dashboard, you may be exposed to user submissions from a variety of sources. You further understand and acknowledge that you may be exposed to user submissions that are inaccurate, offensive, indecent, or objectionable Assessment the trend of inequality in the distribution of intensive care beds in Iran: using GINI index. Meskarpour-Amiri M, Mehdizadeh P, Barouni M, Dopeykar N, Ramezanian M. Glob J Health Sci, 6(6):28-36, 25 Jun 2014 Cited by: 6 articles | PMID: 25363104 | PMCID: PMC4825512. Free to read & us populations, Gini coefficient was 0.167 and Robin Hood Index 0.11. Conclusions: Calculations indicated Recruitment licenses are equitably distributed in MOH&ME of Iran. However a portion of recruitment licenses should redistributed for achieving perfect equal distribution among all public medical universities of Iran How the Gini Coefficient and Lorenz Curves are used to measure income inequality Distribution of family income - Gini index measures the degree of inequality in the distribution of family income in a country. The more nearly equal a country's income distribution, the lower its Gini index, e.g., a Scandinavian country with an index of 25

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  1. NOTE: The information regarding Distribution of family income - Gini index on this page is re-published from the CIA World Factbook 2018. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Distribution of family income - Gini index information contained here
  2. Adadin al'umman Iran sunkai kimanin 74,000,000 a kasar Iran shi'a sune mafi yawa amma sunnah suma suna da dan'yawa za su kai adadin yawan mutane 20,000,000 ko 25,000,000 daga kabiloli daban daban kamar turkumawa, kablwshawa kurdawa,yawan kurdawa zasu kai 10,000,000 zuwa 12,000,000 dukkanin su yan'ahlus-sunnah ne. . Ranakin hutu. Sallar cikar shekaran farisawa da ta kurdawa ranar 21 ga watan.
  3. Tofighi S, Meskarpour Amiri M, Ameriuon A, Naseri H. Equity in distribution of intensive care beds in Iran with Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve approach. Yafteh. 2011; 12 (2):75-83. [Google Scholar] Tofighi S, Meskarpour M, Ameryoun A. Equality of geographical distribution of kidney transplant beds in Iran: A Gini index study. Management in.

Iran protests Afghanistan's limiting flow of dammed Helmand River tributaries during drought; Iraq's lack of a maritime boundary with Iran prompts jurisdiction disputes beyond the mouth of the Shatt al Arab in the Persian Gulf; Iran and UAE dispute Tunb Islands and Abu Musa Island, which are occupied by Iran; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia ratified Caspian seabed delimitation treaties. Fair financial contribution in healthcare financing is one of the main goals and challengeable subjects in the evaluation of world health system functions. This study aimed to investigate the equity in healthcare financing in Shiraz, Iran in 2018. This was a cross- sectional survey conducted on the Shiraz, Iran households. A sample of 740 households (2357 persons) was selected from 11. Iran Economic Monitor Weathering Economic Challenges Special Focus Topic: Understanding the latest poverty trends in Iran (2009-2016) Middle East and North Africa Region M˜cro˚conomics, Tr˜d˚ Inv˚stm˚nt Figure A2: Gini Index Line Using Expenditure and Income Per Capita Welfar Iran (/ɪˈrɑːn or /aɪˈræn/, Persian: ایران‎ [ʔiːˈɾɑn]), also known under its older name Persia, official name The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country in the Middle East, bordered by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey and Irak; over the Caspian Sea it is bordered with Russia and Kazakhstan

Figure 20 Gini Index (consumption per capita) National and by Rural/Urban Areas, GoI Government of Iran HCI Huma Capital Index HIES Household Income and Expenditure Survey IEM Iran Economic Monitor IPO Initial public offering IMF International Monetary Fun In the example noted above, the Gini index would register a reading of 1, which indicates perfect inequality. If everyone had exactly the same amount of money, the index would register a reading of 0 Iran had a 2019 Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of 7.67/10, ranking it 34th globally out of 172 countries. [189] The only large plains are found along the coast of the Caspian Sea and at the northern end of the Persian Gulf, where the country borders the mouth of the Arvand river However, as shown in Table 3, the countries' scores on public spending on tobacco control showed a moderate to strong association with most of the SES indicators, except for the Gini Index and. The Gini index is one of the most commonly used measures of income inequality. It ranges between 0 and 100, where 0 indicates that income is shared equally among all people and 100 indicates the extreme situation where one person accounts for all income

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The more nearly equal a country's income distribution, the closer its Lorenz curve to the 45 degree line and the lower its Gini index, e.g., a Scandinavian country with an index of 25 The Gini coefficient or Gini index is a statistical measure of distribution to represent the income or wealth of a country's residents. Developed by Italian statistician Corrado Gini in 1912, the Gini coefficient is the most commonly used measure of inequality. The Gini coefficient measures the distribution of incomes across income percentiles The Gini, which provides a synthetic measure of inequality, ranges from 0 (in case of perfect equality) to 1 (a situation in which one person captures all resources in an economy). This index has been widely used for inequality research and several users asked for its inclusion in the database

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  1. Gini. It aggregates the gaps between people's incomes into a single measure. If everyone in a group has the same income, the Gini coefficient is 0; if all income goes to one person, it is 1.10 Most of the analysis in this chapter is based on the Gini coefficient, using data gathered from countries across the Asia-Pacific region since the early 1990s
  2. Europ
  3. License: All the material produced by Our World in Data, including interactive visualizations and code, are completely open access under the Creative Commons BY license.You have the permission to use, distribute, and reproduce these in any medium, provided the source and authors are credited
  4. Gini-Index in % (2000) Gini-Index in % (2016) Gini-Index in % (2019) Anzahl Erwachsene in Tausend Vermögen/Erwachs. in US$ (Mittel) Vermögen/Erwachs. in US$ (Median) Welt: 89,2 92,7 88,5 5.089.766 70.849 7.087 Afghanistan: 65,5 16.838 1.463 640 Ägypten: 68,9 81,1 75,6 58.309 15.395 4.900 Albanien: 64,
  5. Iran Briefing Paper Mehrzad Boroujerdi Syracuse University Preface On November 4, 1979, less than nine months after the victory of their revolution, a group of Islamic militants in Iran took over the United States embassy in Tehran and held 52 American diplomats hostage. The Iranian hostage crisis contributed mightily to th

The Industry Gini Index is based on the Gini Coefficient, a commonly-used measure of inequality across a group. Published in 1912 by Corrado Gini, the Gini Coefficient is best known for uses in economic studies that measure income inequality within nations, and the underlying mechanics make it applicable across types of data Gini Index. The Gini Index is a summary measure of income inequality. The Gini coefficient incorporates the detailed shares data into a single statistic, which summarizes the dispersion of income across the entire income distribution. The Gini coefficient ranges from 0, indicating perfect equality (where everyone receives an equal share), to 1,. Ginikoefficienter används för att jämföra inkomstspridningen mellan olika länder. Ett lågt värde innebär mindre skillnader och ett högt värde större. Jämfört med andra europeiska länder har Sverige en relativt jämn inkomstfördelning enligt ginikoefficienten Gini Index around 2015 vs. Gini Index around 2000 Gini coefficient, equivalized income after tax and transfers Gini index of income in 2015 vs 1990 (GCIP - including non-survey years

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In general, the Gini index is a function G : R n +![0;1] that assigns to each non-negative income vector a real number between 0 and 1, which represents the society's inequality level. This measure is 0 in maximum equality and 1 in perfect inequalit.y The attractive de nition of the Gini index is as twice the area between the equality line and the Loren Age group. Total population Working age population: 18-65 Retirement age population: above 65. Year. 2006. 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010. 2011 The Gini index measures the area between the Lorenz curve and a hypothetical line of absolute equality, expressed as a percentage of the maximum area under the line. Thus a Gini index of 0 represents perfect equality, while an index of 100 implies perfect inequality. Source. World Bank, Development Research Group Assessment the Trend of Inequality in the Distribution of Intensive Care Beds in Iran: Using GINI Index By Mohammad Meskarpour-Amiri, Parisa Mehdizadeh, Mohsen Barouni, Nooredin Dopeykar and Maryam Ramezania Gini Coefficient Gini coefficient is very similar to CAP but it shows proportion (cumulative) of good customers instead of all customers. It shows the extent to which the model has better classification capabilities in comparison to the random model. It is also called Gini Index. Gini Coefficient can take values between -1 and 1

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Gini Index has values inside the interval [0, 0.5] whereas the interval of the Entropy is [0, 1]. In the following figure, both of them are represented. The gini index has also been represented multiplied by two to see concretely the differences between them, which are not very significant. Gini Index and Entrop Gini coefficient is used for analyzing wealth or income distribution. It can be used to compare income inequality across different population sectors. For instance, the Gini index of urban areas in a country can be compared with rural areas. Similarly, the Gini index of one country can be compared to that of another This is a list of countries or dependencies by income inequality metrics, including Gini coefficients.The Gini coefficient is a number between 0 and 1, where 0 corresponds with perfect equality (where everyone has the same income) and 1 corresponds with perfect inequality (where one person has all the income—and everyone else has no income)

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in this video we're going to discuss income inequality which is something that is often debated thinking about comparing countries thinking about whether it's an issue or not and how to address it and to appreciate what income inequality is let's imagine two different countries let's imagine first country a and there's two people in country a so you have person one here who makes $1000 a year that's their income and then there's person two in country a that makes 99 thousand dollars a year. Overall inequality: The Gini coefficient for gross equivalised household income is from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2015, (Table A-3, Selected measures of equivalence-adjusted income dispersion), where we have assumed that half of the recorded change between 1992 and 1993 was due to the change in methods (and therefore added 1.15 percentage points to the values from 1992 back to 1967; post-2013 figures being adjusted. Gini coefficient of equivalised disposable income - EU-SILC survey [ilc_di12] Last update: 23-04-2021 Table Customization. Cell Formatting 1.234,56 1,234.56 1 234.56. Hide empty lines Hide flags/footnotes INDIC_IL. TIME GEO.

Philippines, Thailand, Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia). INTERNATIONAL INCOME INEQUALITY, 1970-2000: RELATIVE AND ABSOLUTE INDICES (Indices: 1970=100) 75 100 125 150 175 200 225 250 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 Kolm index (0.3) Kolm index (1.0) Kolm index (1.5) Kolm index (3.0) Absolute Gini index Gini index Theil index Mean logarithmic deviatio You'll get a lower Gini coefficient with a sample such as v = 10 + np.random.rand(500). Those values are all close to 10.5; the relative variation is lower than the sample v = np.random.rand(500) . In fact, the expected value of the Gini coefficient for the sample base + np.random.rand(n) is 1/(6*base + 3) Income inequality in India refers to the unequal distribution of wealth and income among its citizens. According to the CIA World Factbook, the Gini index of India, which is a measure of income distribution inequality, was 35.2 in 2011, ranking 95th out of 157. Wealth distribution is also uneven, with one report estimating that 54 percent of the country's wealth is controlled by millionaires, the second highest after Russia as of November 2016. The richest 1% of Indians own 58.4% of wealth. Th

The Gini coefficient, also known as the Gini Index, is widely used across the world. It is one of the most efficient and easily understood figures on inequality, which makes it easier to compare countries. At the same time, it does have its drawbacks which we will look at later Gini Coefficient is a popular statistical measure to gauge the rich-poor income or wealth divide. It measures inequality of a distribution — be it of income or wealth — within nations or States

Elevator pitch. Economists use various metrics for measuring income inequality. Here, the most commonly used measures—the Lorenz curve, the Gini coefficient, decile ratios, the Palma ratio, and the Theil index—are discussed in relation to their benefits and limitations 80 L.E. Raileanu, K. Stoffel / Gini Index and Information Gain criteria If a split s in a node t divides all examples into two subsets t L and t R of proportions p L and p R, the decrease of impurity is defined as i(s,t) = i(t)−p Li(t L)−p Ri(t R). The goodness of split s in node t, φ(s,t),isdefinedasi(s,t). If a test T is used in a node t and this test is based on an attribute having.

Had you googled with the string -calculating gini index with Stata- you would have found out some promising entries yourself. Besides (as per FAQ again), the best way to increase your chances of getting helpful replies is to post what you typed and what Stata gave you back and/or posting an example/excerpt of your dataset via -dataex- (type -search dataex- from within Stata to install it) 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 0.30 0.35 0.40 0.45 0.50 Year Gini coefficient All Workers Men Women Figure 1: Gini coefficien I am trying to calculate the Gini index for each row of my database. Each row is a customer and each column is a monthly session. So what i need to do is to add a column with the Gini index by row, for each customer throughout the 12 months. See example attached. I found some examples online and did this

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  1. The Gini index shows us how much space exists between the Lorenz curve for your country and the Lorenz curve of a perfectly equal country. Let's look at three Lorenz curves, to understand that better: If we hover over the area that represents Mexico, we can learn that the 20% poorest Mexicans earn 5% of the national income
  2. The Gini coefficient (Gini 1912) is a popular measure of statistical dispersion, especially used for analyzing inequality or concentration. The Lorenz curve (Lorenz 1905), though developed independently, can be regarded as a graphical representation of the degree of inequality/concentration calculated by the Gini coefficient (\(G\)) and can also be used for additional interpretations of it
  3. If one takes the official Tendulkar poverty line (a proxy price index), then there is a 2 to 1 ratio between the price index of the poorest and the richest state. Adjusting for prices, the real Gini index increases from 30 in 1983 to 32 in 2011/12. In the annals of academia, a two-point change over 30 years is trivial, insignificant
  4. i = 1 , , n {\displaystyle i=1,\dots ,n} , ja. y i ≤ y i + 1 {\displaystyle y_ {i}\leq y_ {i+1}} , Gini-kerroin. G {\displaystyle G} saadaan määritettyä seuraavasti: G = 1 − ∑ i = 1 n f ( y i ) ( S i − 1 + S i ) S n , {\displaystyle G=1- {\frac {\sum _ {i=1}^ {n} {f (y_ {i}) (S_ {i-1}+S_ {i})}} {S_ {n}}},} missä
  5. DataBank is an analysis and visualisation tool that contains collections of time series data on a variety of topics where you can create your own queries, generate tables, charts and maps and easily save, embed and share the
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  1. Python-Gini-Index-Calculator. Python Code to Calculate Gini index/coefficient, Robin Hood index, & Lorenz curve. This Python code can be used to calculate Gini index, Gini coefficient, Robin Hood index, and points of Lorenz curve. Lorenz curve can be also plot if matplotlib is installed. It's based on the steps given by Peter Rosenma
  2. A Gini-type index was proposed to assess the degree of ageing in reliability systems. • We discuss properties of such index, and define a related stochastic order. • Reliability systems with shared components are studied by means of Gini-type indexes. • Generalization to the multidimensional case with dependent components is discussed
  3. Iran Gini Index Under Review Financial Tribun
  4. Iran's Gini Index Up 2
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  6. Gini index worldwide 2020, by country Statist
  7. Gini index (World Bank estimate) - Iraq Dat

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  1. Ginikoefficient - Wikipedi
  2. Iran TEDPIX Stock Market Index 2014-2020 Data 2021
  3. Iran — Happy Planet Inde
  4. Distribution of hospital beds in Tehran Province based on
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