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Significance of Houses in Vedic Astrology. Each house has its own specific signification and now let's see what is signified by each house simultaneously. 1st House in Vedic Astrology. The first house is the house of the native himself. His body mind and his mental inclinations. It shows the physical body, the looks of the native and overall appearance Dharma is connected to the fire element, as are the natural houses 1, 5 and 9 of the zodiac. The first house is Aries, the fifth house is Leo and the ninth house is Sagittarius. These three from the fire triplicity. 1st House Houses in astrology refer to the ARTIFICIAL way of dividing the heavens as seen from the Earth in 12 parts. Houses are known as the Bhavas in Vedic Astrology. Houses are one of the three essential tools for casting a horoscope other two being placement of planets and signs in the horoscope Vedic Astrology Houses and Body Parts. By tamiljothidamtips Last updated May 16, 2015. 0 1,834. Share. Astrology houses and body parts. The parts of the body beginning with the Ascendant (Lagna) will be as under: First house (Lagna-Ascendant) — the head Second house — the fac The free Vedic birth chart analysis includes a basic interpretation of planets in signs and houses as well as planetary aspects. The interpretation of the placement of different house lords in various houses can be read here. All the interpretations and predictions are written in English

Upachaya houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 10th and the 11th houses. When properly activated these promote growth. The Apoklima houses are the 3rd, the 6th, the 9th and the 12th houses. Planets located in these houses are believed to be less effect.. First house in vedic astrology is also known as ascendant or rising sign in astrology. It indicates east direction so it is all known as rising sign or rising house. When you look at a chart first house is symbolized by Asc or La. Asc means ascendant and La means Lagna Introduction House in Vedic Astrology The entire Vedic astrology is based on three major aspects - the house, the placement of planets and the placement Vedic Astrology- 2nd House, Dhana Bhava Jothishi 2nd House of Wealth A traditional horoscope is divided into 12 houses and each house forms a 120 degree angle with the other

The 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology Complete Significations

Houses in Vedic Astrology Sun House Moon House Mars House Mercury House Jupiter House Venus House Saturn House Rahu House Ketu House First House in Vedic astrology Second House in Vedic astrology Third House in Vedic Astrology Fourth House in Vedic Astrology Fifth House in Vedic Astrology Sixth. Meanings of Houses in Vedic Astrology. Follwing is the picture of vedic chart of a human being. The Houses are always fixed and are shown below: Concerning the body, the significations of each house generally correspond to the significations of the equivalent sign of the zodiac in seriatim i.e. whenever we want to examine the condition of any part of the body, the concerned house and the same. In Vedic astrology different areas of life are controlled by different houses and specific area is assigned to specific houses. According to date, time and place of birth, birth chart is casted and birth chart comprises of 7 planets and 2 nodes namely rahu and ketu, raasi (Zodiac signs) and 12 houses The Fourth house represents our sense of well being, which stems from the conditions of our early childhood including our nurturing, education and religious instruction. The nature of this house determines one's general welfare, happiness, emotional stability and the degree of affluence attainable in life

12 Houses of Vedic Astrology - Significance and Meaning

The first house represents the beginning, the birth, and the 12th house in Vedic Astrology, being the last house completes the lifecycle and represent Career Astrology Focussed Career Horoscope readings on unique Vedic principles that would help you realize your destiny with a combination of luck & hard work in the right directio 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. The Vedic zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each of which corresponds to a house. The ascendant will correspond to your first house, and the following signs to the rest of the houses. Each of this houses is related to specific areas of life Vedic Astrology - House 4, Bandhu Bhava. April 15, 2019 by anand. The fourth house of our Kundli is all about roots, father, mother, house, family, ancestors and childhood. It is one of the top 4 houses of our Kundli and represents the 'center' of the birth chart. It talks about the property inherited from family, mostly parents and the one we set.

Basic meaning of 12 Houses in birth chart explaine Houses in Astrology 12th House Significance in Astrology ⋆ Salvation . Last updated on January 27th, 2020 at 08:38 pm The Twelfth House in Vedic astrology relates to salvation, settlement in foreign lands, enlightenment, losses, expenditure, charity, and donations. The Twelfth House is called Vyaya Bhava Read mor The Seventh House pertains to partnerships and associations, marriage being the most vital of them all. While the houses before this have the native and individual as a prime focus, this house shifts the focus on the other person. It reflects one's attraction, desire and commitment towards the opposite sex

12 Houses & Their Significations The Art of Vedic Astrolog

  1. Calculate your online horoscope that includes free birth chart analysis based on Indian Vedic astrology. Get placement of all planets in signs and houses along with detailed interpretation. Innovative astrological methods are used to calculate free natal chart and give future prediction and gain deep insights into one's personality and behavior
  2. Jupiter in Cancer in all houses In Vedic astrology, Jupiter represents wealth, knowledge, Optimism, wisdom, family, celebration, children, marriage, education, spirituality, religious acts, life force, happiness, pilgrimage, Generosity, prosperity, law, economics, liver, fat, gall bladder, respect, husband in women chart, counseling
  3. AA stands for American Accent. Learn Vedic Astrology: Significations & Characteristics of Signs, Houses and Planets. Basics of Jyotish for Astrologers. This basic level free course will help students in understanding various significations governed by astrological signs, houses and planets and they will be able to learn astrology quickly
  4. The eleventh house is a favorable one. Hence, it is famous as the Labha house in Vedic Astrology. This represents gains in terms of income and monetary benefits. People with a strong 11th in their Kundli may reap profits and gains in abundance
  5. Houses Analysis Houses of Horoscope/Birth Chart Analysis in Vedic Astrology There are many aspects and events of life of a person which are important for him. These aspects / events are like : Career, Debt, Education, Wealth and Finance, Love, Marriage, Journey/Travel, Litigation, Obstructions, Property, Speech and Communication
  6. What do the houses in the Vedic Birth chart represent? The basic chart has Got 12 houses. Each of them represent different facets of human life. Here you will find a brief introduction to all 12 houses: The first House: (The house of Self), The ascendant, Lagn
  7. First house: Thanu, Lagna bhava: Self, physical body, health, general character, fame, appearance, vitality, success or failures, head: Second house: Dhana bhava: Wealth, speech, family, education, gold, silver, vision, source of death, face: Third house: Bhrathru bhava: Courage, younger brothers / sisters, communication, short travels, ears, neck: Fourth house

The houses are something different than signs, as signs are the energy of the divine, houses exist here with us. The house is called Bhava in Vedic Astrology. The Bhava means something occurring, existing, expanding and coming into reality. We can not see zodiac signs but we can see bhavas. Example: if 4th house is mother, then we can see mother Vedic Astrology - The House System in Vedic Astrology, The Ascendant, Lagna- the most important factor in Vedic Astrology, Midheaven, Midheaven house system, equal house system, house cusps, Cusps - difference in Vedic and Western Astrology, houses are considered from the Moon in Vedic Astrology, Ascendant (Udaya lagna in Sanskrit) is the degree of zodiac intersected by the eastern part of horizon at the place and time of natives birth

Significance of Houses in Vedic Astrology - Complete Info

The chart of the twelve houses in astrology begins with Aries and ends with Pisces. The beginning of each house in astrology is called cusp and the 12 houses in horoscope runs in a clockwise direction. The chart for the twelve houses in astrology was also used by Babylonians where the numbering of the houses was done from east to downward Houses in Vedic Astrology and Their Significations There are 12 houses in astrology Houses are a way of dividing up the birth chart into 12 segments. Each house represents an area of life's activity In Hellenistic, Vedic, Medieval and Renaissance astrology each house is ruled by the planet that rules the sign on its cusp. For example, if a person has the sign Aries on the cusp of their 7th house, the planet Mars is said to rule the 7th house The qualities of the houses are explained in terms of Kendra's (Centers), Trikones (Trines), Upachaya, Dushtanas, Trishadya and Marakas. Kendra's (Centers) (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th) houses The 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses are called Kendra's or quadrants. These are very powerful houses as they lead to emphatic manifestation in life The most important houses are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses. These are called the angular houses because their cusps coincide with the 4 special angles: ascendant, I.C., descendant, and M.C.

The Dharma Houses in Vedic Astrology Spiritual Spiri

The basic elements of Vedic astrology charts are presented in one of two particular styles: the North Indian chart style and the South Indian chart style. The North Indian chart is a house-based chart, which means that the houses always stay in the same position and the constellations move according to the birth time First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology. The first house in Astrology is known as ascendant or lagna also and is considered as the pillar of the Horoscope. The sign rising in 1st house is known as rising ascendant and the lord of the 1st house is known as ascendant lord or lagnesh Moon in all 12 houses in Vedic Astrology. Moon is the closest planet to earth and it works like a satellite to transform energy from other planets. It is a female planet and lord of Monday. In Vedic Astrology, Moon rules mental capabilities, wealth, happiness and affection etc. In body parts, Moon rules left eye, water elements and chest Jupiter in 6th houses vedic astrology - 6th house: If Jupiter occupies the 6th house at birth, the native will destroy his enemies but he will be lazy and will be humiliated.He will be clever and well versed in the recitation and utility of Mantras. Jupiter in 7th houses vedic astrology: When Jupiter is posited in 7th house at birth, the native will be blessed with a decent wife and children In Vedic astrology, each house is assigned an equal 30°. Generally, Vedic astrologers use what is known as the Whole Sign method of determining houses. This means that if Cancer is the predominating sign in the third house, then a planet that falls anywhere within Cancer's thirty degree range will be considered a tenant of the third house

Points to Remember When Analyzing the Houses in Vedic Astrology Birth Chart 1. The houses where benefic planets are located or the houses which receive the aspect of benefic planets give good results. 2.If the lord of the house is present in the house itself or if the house receives the aspect of the house lord it gives good results Venus-in-different-houses-in-vedic-astrology Venus in 1st house: This indicates that the person will have a beautiful appearance, curly hair and will be very much inclined towards creative things, artistic things and he or she will be a very much fashionable person Astrology House Chart Calculator. House Chart ; Compatibility ; Please fill all the fields with valid data. Kundali matching and all kind of astrology services. Astrology happens to be our passion and we are on a mission to build simplified astrology learning knowledge base. Services Kendra Houses: These are the best houses in Vedic Astrology and also known as Lakshmi Sthana. 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses are considered as auspicious houses and they also deal with the major part of our life. They are very strong houses of Kundali

12 Astrology Houses & Planets in House

  1. Western astrology uses both equal-sized and unequal houses since they use a house system which places the Ascendant degree at the starting of the first house, while in Vedic astrology, uses the complete sign houses, in which the Ascendant falls at any degree in the first house, and every house contains only one sign
  2. Astrological Houses Significator in Vedic astrology. Horoscope is a basic resource, which can be used to make astrological predictions by the astrologer. Horoscope can be created by the help of native date of birth, time of birth and exact time of birth. Astrologer can predict all type of incidents like marriage, career, wealth,.
  3. Every house in the horoscope carries a unique meaning and represents a specific area of life.Indeed, the twelve houses are truly what makes astrology so spectacular. How these houses work is fairly complex, but we will make it easy for you to understand what the 9th house in Kundli is all about. About 9th House in Vedic Astrology. In Indian.

Vedic Astrology Houses and Body Parts - Vedic Astrology

  1. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science - which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 250 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010
  2. Vedic astrology chart shows all your planets, Likewise what sign they are in and what degree they are in within the sign. As a starting point, explore what sign is your Ascendant (1st House), what sign your Sun is in, and what sign your Moon is in. From the Ascendant, move around the chart in a clockwise direction to the next sign and so on, for all 12 of your houses
  3. Every house in the horoscope carries a unique meaning and represents a specific area of life.Indeed, the twelve houses are truly what makes astrology so spectacular. How these houses work is fairly complex, but we will make it easy for you to understand what the 6th house in Kundli is all about. About 6th House in Vedic Astrology. The 6th house.

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The 12th house in Vedic astrology as the house of Moksha but it also can bring with it great suffering. It is often misunderstood as a house of loss and expenditure but revered in Vedic astrology as the place of loss of ignorance. The key to the 12th house is sacrifice and service and moving beyond your personal ego to help others on the path Career & Tenth House's Importance Vedic Astrology/ 10th house in Vedic astrology: The 10 th House or 'Karmasthana' is also known as the 'Karmabhava' in Vedic astrology. The 10th house is the House of honor, status, prestige, reputation, community-power, & professional career, in our society, this includes financial-success, but only as 10th house relates to community-power & prestige 12 th House Vedic Astrology, Twelfth House. The first eight houses of the horoscope indicate ikaloka sukham or the pleasures of the world. The last four houses indicate para loka sadhanam or spiritual welfare. The last four houses are known as the Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha The Eleventh house is where we invest ourselves in the mundane existence such as having to do with social activities, groups and organizations. Other aspects of this house have to do with the acquisition of what we wish for as well as financial gains as a result of our engagement

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12 Houses in vedic astrology - Vedic astrolog

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In Vedic Astrology, 7th house is the house of marriage, married life and spouse. Look at the zodiac sign present in the 7th house. If Cancer zodiac sign or Scorpio zodiac sign or Pisces zodiac sign is present in the 7th house and any planet like Moon or Mercury or Jupiter or Venus is present in the 7th house Sidereal Astrology Vedic Birth Chart Calculator, Free Horoscope Online, Sidereal Vedic Jyotish Astrology Online Natal Chart, Free Astrology Software, Ayanamsa (Precession of the Equinoxes), Sidereal Vedic Horoscope Jyotish Calculator Online - Seek and meet people born on the same date as you. AstroSeek, Free Horoscopes and charts 2021 Astro-Seek.co First House: This is called Ascendant or Lagna, its lord is called Lagnesh Vedic Astrology: Twelfth House - Universal Freedom. by Sam Geppi | Sep 5, 2011 | Houses, Vedic Astrology | 69 comments. Our subconscious and hidden nature. It is the house of loss, liberation, isolation and decrease. Wastage of energy is observed here. Foreign journeys. Isolated through sorrow or peace

The 12 Houses are sectors of the Heavens corresponding to Areas of Human Experience and Activity. First House (Ascendant, Rising sign ) 'Flagship' of the chart Sense of Self Birthplace Basic Characteristics Physical Well-being General Appearance Second House Livelihood Personal Finances Personal V.. Trik Houses in Vedic Astrology. Trik Houses:- 6th house , 8th house and 12th house. (highlighted in red) Various planets in 6th house. Sun:- A person who has sun in 6th house is stubborn and religious. during his childhood he has to face various problems and tension till the age of 22 2 members in the astrojothish community. Articles on Jothish and Vedic Astrology, Images, Free Consultations if time permits Eighth house lord is placed in eighth house from its own house. According to Vedic astrology, this position is known as Bhavat Bhavam. It's a reflection house of eighth house. This position indicates - longevity of natal will improve but aspect on ninth house will afflict this house, hence father and fate etc. will be affected In Vedic astrology, Badhaka planets create problems, difficulties and obstacles. The planets which serve as badhaka planets are determined based on your astrological sign, the ascendant in your birth chart, as well as the lords of the different houses

Jupiter is friends with sun, moon and mars. As far as the houses alone are concerned, jupiter does its best in houses 1, 4 and 11. It tends to give very good results in these houses. Jupiter either protects a house or gives maximum results, it rarely destroys a house even during its transit. Jupiter also expands the house it sits in Moon in Vedic Astrology M oon the most significant planet in Vedic Astrology, the lord of 4th sign and natural 4th house Cancer 12. 12th rashi or 12th zodiac sign is Pisces or Meen and its lord planet or Swami Graha is Jupiter or Guru. Venus or Shukra is considered as exalted or uchcha on Pisces or Meen rashi and Mercury or Budh is considered as debilitated or neech on Pisces or Meen rashi. Please Note: - The effect on a Planet of the House(s) a Planet Rules: Favourable Houses: The favourable houses are the Kendra houses (1st., 4th., 7th. and 10th. house) and the trikona houses (1st., 5th. and 9th. house). The Kendra houses are also called angles. They are houses of action What is the 3rd house in Vedic astrology? The Third house is also commonly known as the House of Siblings. It is a key significator for communication, mental intelligence, travel, creativity, and habits. The forms of communication can be of any typewritten, verbal, or broadcast. In Vedic Astrology, another name for this Sahaj Bhava

Western Astrology Vision Western astrology speaks of the pluton as the principal significator of various personality disorders, hysterias, neuroses, equizofrenia, bipolarity. Pluto in 6th House will produce hormonal and nervous changes. Pluto in 8th House produces a tendency to destruct.. Since Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets in Vedic astrology these two planets don't rule any house. According to Vedic Astrology, this is the common horoscope chart. However, when it comes to an individual's birth chart or horoscope, the first house is not always Aries If you are familiar with Western astrology, upon careful examination, the Vedic chart will appear to have planets aligned with the wrong constellations (signs). A natal chart [or a birth chart] reading reveals the differing sign and house changes of planets in the Vedic chart What does 5th house represent in Vedic astrology? Fifth House in Astrology is commonly known as the House of Progeny and Knowledge. It is also considered as a house of learning as per Rishi Parashara. It describes your mental ability to grab anything, how easily you grasp something, all depends upon the Fifth House of horoscope When Pigeons come to your home or near your house. Pigeons are birds that represent the positive and negative aspects of the planet Mercury. In fact pigeons as a bird represents Mercury. The energy of mercury is formed when Jupiter and Rahu gets combined. Here, Pigeons are known to be the messengers of love, peace

1 st House - 2 nd House: The next powerful combination is when the 1st House is connected to the 2nd House. Connection between the 2 nd, 5 th, 9 th, and the 11 th Houses: Dhana Yogas in Vedic astrology. Any connection of the 1st House to the 2nd House will create money. Combinations of the wealth-producing Houses will bring money 3 rd House Vedic Astrology, Third House. The third house governs the mental inclination of the person and their ability to memorize. It also affects the inherent propensities of the intellect and mind. The house indicates the inclination to study while the ninth house stands for higher education, research, philosophical tendencies and wisdom The Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Basis for Planets, Signs and the Difficult Houses: The Schools of Karma First House in Vedic Astrology. Seventh House in Vedic Astrology. Second House in Vedic Astrology. Eighth House in Vedic Astrology. Third House in Vedic Astrology. Ninth House in Vedic Astrology... 7th House, Husband, Wife, Sexuality - Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Vedic Astrology Course 8th House - Death, Inheritance, Psychology - Vimshottari Nakshatra Dasha Astrology Course 20/24 Downloadable Courses Ketu on the Asendant or Lagna Vedic Astrology Terms and Definitions Calculating Planetary Dignity and its Usefulnes

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Read more about fourth house . Fifth House (5th) of astrology chart - House of competition, Romance and Progeny - Atmaja Bhava . Fifth house of astrology chart emphasizes on the intellect and mental caliber and strength of the native. It explores the height of intelligence of the person to become a leader of masses This basic level course will help students in understanding various significations governed by astrological signs, houses and planets and they will be able to learn astrology quickly. This course will help students in understanding about signs, houses and planets at a very basic level. For detailed understanding they can join the exhaustive course. Being in a favorable house (esp. 1, 5, and 9) versus being in the 6th, 8th or 12th. Yogas Special rules for how malefics interact with benefics. House lordship The houses the dasha lord rules bring those topics into play. Relationship between general and subperiod lord placement General period lord and subperiod lord treated as if in conjunctio Also, while using the 12 signs, Vedic Astrology makes use of 27 lunar constellations, called Nakshatras, each one covering a span of 13 degrees and 20 minutes. (Effects of Planets in Each House) Western Astrology includes planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to predict the futur According to Vedic astrology, aspects mean the view or drishti of a planet or a sign. A planet situated in one house can aspect on other planets in other houses. Similarly, one house can also.

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Vedic astrology, Indian astrology and Hindu astrology are the synonym terms for each others. It is solving life's mystery from very ancient time. Vedic astrology can predict about any sphere of your life on the basis of the position of planet in your birth chart. Vedic astrology horoscopes are decided on the basis of the time and place of your. For vedic astrology childbirth predictions through Vedic Astrology the first, fifth as well as the ninth houses or their horoscope lords are religiously analyzed. The Ascendant, Navamsa and Saptamsa divisional charts are analyzed and both fifth and ninth houses are observed for the childbirth to predict the timing of conceiving a woman Learn About The 12 Houses In Vedic Astrology Astrotalk Blog How To Read Your Horoscope Without The Help Of An Astrologer Part Pairing Of Opposite Houses 1 Vedic Astrology Blog Twelve Houses In Astrology House Bhavas Bhava Indian Related : 12 Houses In Astrology And Their Lords In Tamil. Tags: house It is one of the three ascendants in Vedic astrology. Here in this section, we are presenting the results of placement of Mars or Mangal in all the 12 houses of the horoscope or the Vedic birth chart : Mars in Ascendant . Mars in 2nd house . Mars in 3rd bhava . Mars in 4th bhava . Mars in 5th bhava . Mars in 6th house . Mars in 7th bhava Vedic Astrology Yoga For Winning Lottery: Having just one of these Yogas can give you luck in Lottery! Meaning of Owl Coming To Your House Or Seeing One| Owl Symbolism in Vedic Astrology. Animal Astrology 7 months ago. Significance of Crows Coming Into Your House

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Vedic astrology is the best guide to know your career prospects. Various houses of birth chart cover different aspects of life. Few houses influence your professional life. For a successful career, Ashtakavarga, a powerful dimension of Hindu astrology is a very effective tool Vedic astrology is typically more meaningful and deeper than the typical online horoscopes. 2. It Shows You a Path. People generally talk about astrology as a prediction tool that tells you what's in store in your life. Vedic astrology is particularly good at giving you access to your future possibilities Seventh (Marriage) Lord in Various Houses In the Ascendant If the lord of the seventh house is found in the Ascendant, the native may marry a person who had been brought up in his own house or had known her since the childhood. He will be traveling from place to place. If afflicted, and i

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EIGHTH HOUSE: Eighth house in the astrology chart is considered to have direct bearing upon one's longevity or span of life in this world. It is necessary to consider 1st and 3rd house also in addition to the 8th house for longevity. The 8th house is called the 'house of death', the end of life in this world Home » 12 Astrology Houses » Mars in Eighth House in Vedic Astrology With Mars is in the Eighth House the liability to a violent and sudden death increases. Death can also occur through a bad wound or as a result of an operation The Vedic horoscopes help you to avoid any problems ahead of time. Charts in Vedic astrology are called Janma Kundali; they represent your point of start in your life and what your advantages and disadvantages may be throughout this life. Types and classification of houses. The 12 houses or Bhavas are classified in several groups: • The. 12 Houses of Bhavas in Astrology. In Indian Vedic astrology, the twelve houses are called Bhava and each one of these have their own meaning. These 12 houses are further divided into four 'bhavas' which are Dharma (duty), Artha (resources), Kama (pleasure) and Moksha (liberation). 1

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Learn All about VEDIC ASTROLOGY and How This Predictive System Reveals Your DESTINY. Check out some of the Case Studies Using Vedic Astrology As per Vedic Astrology, planet Sun in 8th house from lagna / ascendant in horoscope has more good than bad effects on males and females of all ascendants. Results of Sun in 8th House Sun in 8 th house blesses one with long life, Sun being karaka of soul and its placement in eighth house is really suppressing the soul Medical Astrology helps to diagnose diseases from signs, houses and planets. The causes of illhealth can be known well before its actual appearance in the human body through vedic astrology horoscope. When bad planets influence the bad houses like Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces, then it leads to severe ill health

Title: Crux of Vedic Astrology Subtitle: Timing of Events Author: Sanjay Rath Publisher: Sagar Publications Published: 1998 Price : 10.00 € Shipping Cost : 12.00 € Price: Euro 22.00 (International Orders including shipping) Preview a chapter and write in your comments or review of the book to the author. About the Book. The vedic dasa system is the most potent predictive tool for an. Vedic astrology is also known as 'Indian Astrology' or 'Hindu astrology'. A system that was found in ancient India and it was registered by sages in the Vedic scriptures. It is also known as 'Jyotish' which means 'the science of light'. Vedic astrology also helps with astral light patterns that ought to decide our destiny Navamsa is also known as Dharmamsa, it is the 9th Harmonic divisional chart. Ninth house is all about Dharma of an individual, hence the other name - Dharmamsa. Various techniques exist, I am sharing a lesser known technique, which indirectly is a mapping on houses from Rasi (Natal) chart to the Navamsa houses. But, first I began studying Vedic Astrology around 2000, coinciding with my introduction to Kriya Yoga Meditation. Since then, I have had the oppportunity to write The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology series, work with thousands of clients, and train many astrological professionals Job is very essential and crucial part of our life for survival to every human being. It represents who we are. During school days , we always used to dream about high paying jobs or roya Institute of Vedic Astrology Indore (IVA) is the premier and best-ranked institute that provides high-quality material in Astrology through correspondence courses. The principles of Astrology are covered comprehensively by easy-to-understand language and are divided into 18 modules to ensure the comfort of the reader

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