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Postadress Högskolan i Borås 501 90 Borås. Besöksadress Allégatan 1 (reception) Telefon 033-435 40 0 Cinahl. Databas för tidskrifter inom omvårdnad, sjukgymnastik, arbetsterapi och närbesläktade ämnesområden. Databasen innehåller också referenser från böcker, avhandlingar och konferenstryck. Referenserna är från 1981 och framåt

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  1. CINAHL Database provides indexing of the top nursing and allied health literature available including nursing journals and publications from the National League for Nursing and the American Nurses Association. Literature covers a wide range of topics including nursing, biomedicine, health sciences.
  2. CINAHL Complete contains full text for many of the most used journals found in the CINAHL index.. With CINAHL Complete, users can access a comprehensive scope of content covering over 50 nursing specialties as well as allied health subjects including speech and language pathology, nutrition, physical therapy and much more.. More than 300 new subject headings have been added to CINAHL to help.
  3. CINAHL; Tillbaka till resultatlistan. CINAHL. Offering coverage of English-language nursing journals and publications from the National League for Nursing and the American Nurses' Association, CINAHL covers nursing, biomedicine, health sciences librarianship,.
  4. CINAHL Complete Databases A-Z. Databases A-Z; A-C. Academic Search Premier Anthropology Plus APA PsycArticles APA PsycInfo.
  5. Cinahl Plus with Full Text Omfattande databas för hälso- och sjukvårdsområdet. Ger referenser och i många fall även fulltext till artiklar inom ämnesområden som omvårdnad, arbetsterapi, biomedicin, audiologi, alternativa behandlingsformer, logopedi, fysioterapi mm
  6. Cinahl. I resultatet används enbart kvantitativa studier där det framkommer att platsen för förebyggande arbete kan bedrivas på vårdcentral, i hemmiljö och på medicinsk klinik var för sig eller i kombination. Det kan också bygga på individuell rådgivning eller i kombination med grupprådgivning
  7. CINAHL beskriver också artiklarnas innehåll med hjälp av ämnesord Om vi börjar med Vård i Nordens egna sida (som du länkas till under länken HB e-journals) ser ut det ut så här om du väljer View all editions: Sen är det bara att välja rätt år och artikel

från databas Cinahl och Pubmed. Av de nio artiklar var fyra artiklar kvalitativa och 5 artiklar kvantitativa. De valda artiklarna analyserats och sammanställts där likheter och skillnad jämfördes. Resultatet presenteras med hjälp av fem huvudteman och nio tillhörande subteman. Huvudteman är Vårdande förhållningssätt, Icke vårdand Cinahl. Omvårdnadsvetenskap, oral hälsa och närliggande områden. Innehåller referenser till artiklar från ca 2 800 tidskrifter, avhandlingar och en del böcker inom omvårdnad och närliggande områden från 1982 och framåt. Ämnen: Omvårdnad Oral hälsa Länk Logga in på din studentmejl - mail.student.hb.se CINAHL beskriver också artiklarnas innehåll med hjälp av ämnesord - de är oftast samma som i MeSH men kan skilja sig åt, därför måste du först kontrollera mot deras termlista CINAHL Headings innan du söker



kreatinin, hemoglobin (Hb), blodsocker och blod- och urinodling (Hagberg 2015). Negativa odlingar behöver nödvändigtvis inte betyda att patienten inte har en sepsis (Socialstyrelsen Sökorden som användes i Cinahl var sepsis, patient care och nursing interventions, alla Cinahl Headings Video produced by the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing Support Team, part of Learning and Information Services, Sheffield Hallam University. Please contact vl.. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube Voor veel digitale tools (databanken of andere tools) kun je een persoonlijk account aanmaken om extra functionaliteiten als attendering, opslag etc. te gebruiken

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Objectives: To synthesize the published literature on the efficacy, effectiveness, and toxicity of hydroxyurea (HU) when used for treatment of sickle cell disease (SCD); and to review the evidence regarding barriers to its use. Data sources: Articles cited in MEDLlNE, EMBASE, TOXLine, and CINAHL through June 30, 2007. Review methods: Paired reviewers reviewed each title, abstract, and article. The aim of this systematic review was to evaluate the literature pertaining to the effect of foot posture, foot orthoses and footwear on lower limb muscle activity during walking and running. A database search of Medline, CINAHL, Embase and SPORTDiscus without language restrictions revealed 504 cita Data sources: Medline, CINAHL, SPORTDiscus, Embase and the Cochrane Library from inception to June 2017. Eligibility criteria for selecting studies: Studies must have used a randomised parallel-group design and evaluated foot orthoses for plantar heel pain. At least one outcome measure for pain or function must have been reported

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CINAHL, PsycINFO, ERIC, and Cochrane Library databases and. hand-searching (search dates for articles on health literacy, 2003. Bosworth HB. Literacy. and blood pressure. ER and HBK are co-second authors on this review. This review is an abridged version of a Cochrane systematic review: Storebø OJ, Ramstad E, Krogh HB, et al. Methylphenidate for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and adolescents. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2015 (In press) Purpose: To systematically review and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions in order to improve the safety and efficiency of patient handover between intensive care unit (ICU) and general ward healthcare professionals at ICU discharge. Methods: PubMed, CINAHL, PsycINFO, EMBASE, Web of Science, and the Cochrane Library were searched for intervention studies with the aim to improve. Twelve RCT (n 612) were identified. There was a significant decrease in glycated Hb (HbA1c) with low-GI diet than with the control diet, indicating improved glycaemic control (seven trials, n 457, weighted mean difference (WMD) - 0.4 % HbA1c, 95% CI - 0.7, - 0.20, P = 0.001) There is increasing recognition of the therapeutic function pets can play in relation to mental health. However, there has been no systematic review of the evidence related to the comprehensive role of companion animals and how pets might contribute to the work associated with managing a long-term mental health condition. The aim of this study was to explore the extent, nature and quality of.

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var PubMed och Cinahl. Sökorden bestod av mental health, nurse och somatic. Ett stort antal artiklar granskades som behövde begränsas genom att göra en egentlig sökning. Den egentliga litteratursökningen är mer strukturerad samt (Fridjupgrundadberg 2006, s. 47) Reviewers searched CINAHL, Embase, Maternity and Infant Care, Medline and PsycINFO databases to identify studies comparing selected outcomes by place of birth among women with low-risk pregnancies in high-income countries. Planned HB N = 16,840 AMU N.

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A significant cause of morbidity and mortality during pregnancy is maternal anaemia. The causes of anaemia and the sequelae are varied, and the prevention and management are public health challenges, especially in resource-limited settings and certain geographic locations. South Africa is plagued by a quadruple burden of disease, with high maternal mortality rates affected by hypertensive. The overall prevalence the severe anemia, their Hb level was 5.0 to 7.9 gm/dl.18,26 A of anemia ranged from 18 to 80%, and the prevalence of severe study done in India through a retrospective approach, 4,456 anemia ranged from 2.7 to 20% .The result of our review shows women's hospital record were reviewed and the result shows that in India the highest prevalence of anemia in pregnant that. • Cinahl • Psycinfo • The Cochrane Library A separate search strategy, specific for each electronic database was used for each search. These searches can be found in Appendix 1. Searching was carried out using a combination of keywords that cover all relevan Burke HB, Hoang A, Iglehart JD, Marks JR. Methods: A comprehensive search on the PubMed, Cochrane, CINAHL, and Embase database was conducted from inception to February 2021 dity are consistent with best practices. Method The author conducted electronic and hand searches of the English-language medical education literature published January 2006 through December 2010. To describe and assess current practices, she systematically abstracted reliability and validity evidence as well as factor analysis methods, data analysis, and reported evidence from instrument.

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in PubMed databases, CINAHL 53. Y angin HB, Özüsaglam E, Can G, Küçücük S (2015) Alopesi: Onkoloji . hemsireliginde kanita dayali semptom yönetimi. Nobel Bookstore, Istanbul 187 Onychomycosis, a fungal infection affecting the nail plate, is a common condition often requiring prolonged treatment regimens, with low success rates. Urea is one treatment option, which is thought to improve the efficacy of topical and oral antifungal agents. Despite a theoretical basis for the use of urea for the treatment of onychomycosis, the evidence-base for this treatment has not been. Välkommen som student vid Högskolan i Skövde! Här hittar du schema, resultat, kursplaner och mycket mer som rör dina studier

until June 2020 in the PubMed (Medline), CINAHL, Embase, and Web of Science databases was conducted. The search strategy was identical to the one used in the European Guideline.14 The search criteria were kept broad and trials were included when they evaluated (a) any type of physio-therapy intervention, (b) people with PD, and (c) any out Kom bara till biblioteket om du måste, till exempel för att hämta eller lämna böcker. Dina lån lånas om automatiskt, du får en påminnelse när det är dags att lämna tillbaka Registration is available: From within your associated institution's IP range; If you first log in with your original EMBASE credential

Patient satisfaction with nursing care has been considered as the most important predictor of the overall patient satisfaction with hospital service and quality of health care service at large. However, the national level of patient satisfaction with nursing care remains unknown in Ethiopia. Hence, the objective of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to estimate the level of patient. Anemia is a common problem in children. A child who has anemia does not have enough red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a type of protein that allows red blood cells to carry oxygen to other cells in the body OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of mobile phone applications (apps) on glycemic control (HbA1c) in the self-management of diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Relevant studies that were published between 1 January 1996 and 1 June 2015 were searched from five databases: Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, and Embase

Datasamling är gjord via databaserna CINAHL, PubMed/Medlin, SweMed+, Academic search, Bibliotekets katalog och Libris samt sekundärsökning i artiklarnas referenslistor. Sökorden som användes i olika kombinationer var stroke, dysphagia, nursing, caring, cerebrovascular accident, deglutition disorders och nutrition Background and aims. Most people who break their hip (hip fracture) are over 65 years old. Almost all hip fractures require surgery. People with hip fracture often receive red blood cell transfusions that aim to correct their anaemia (low levels of haemoglobin in the blood; haemoglobin is an oxygen-carrying molecule found within red blood cells) resulting from blood loss from their fracture or.

PubMed, Embase, Medline, The Cochrane Library, CINAHL and Web of Science were searched up to February 2014. We included randomized controlled trials with interventions that lasted at least four weeks that compared oats and beta-glucan (extracted from oats or other sources) intake with a control Databas: Cinahl eller Summon Stawreberg, A -M. (2012) Dags att sluta amma? - så gör ni! Vi Föräldrar, 13 82- 85. (Författaren är journalist.) Databas: Mediearkivet Haverdahl, AL. (2008). Pekpinnar skapar lätt stress och osäkerhet. Svenska Dagbladet, 11 mars Mrs. Glenn, a 72-year-old female on a medical-surgical floor, was hospitalized 3 days ago for pneumonia. Since her admission, she has been on continuous pulse oximetry and is receiving oxygen (2 L/minute by nasal cannula) and antibiotics

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CINAHL Plus with Full Text Journals, books, and other resources on subjects including nursing, emergency services, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, optometry, public health, speech-language pathology & audiology, and surgical technology. 1937 to present Aged six to 59 months enrolled if they had a positive blood smear for malaria, severe anemia (Hb ≤5 g/dL), lactic acidosis (blood lactate ≥5 mmol/L), and written informed consent from the parent or guardian. Randomized to RBCs that were of short storage age or long storage age. Definition: short = 1-10 d vs long storage = 21-35 Clinical Rehabilitation is a highly ranked, peer-reviewed scholarly journal. It is a multi-professional journal covering the whole field of disability and rehabilitation, publishing research and discussion articles which are scientifically sound, clinically relevant and sometimes provocative Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) is a free research database for library and information science studies. LISTA provides indexing and abstracting for hundreds of key journals, books, research reports. It is EBSCO's intention to provide access to this resource on a continual basis Subjects (CINAHL) Uncertainty [3] United Nations [1] United States [2] United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [2] United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality -- Standards [1] United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality--Standards [2] United States Department of Veterans Affairs [2] Universal.

550 W. North Street - Indianapolis, IN 46202 USA | 888.634.7575 (U.S./Canada toll free) | +1.317.634.8171 (International) ©2020 Sigma Theta Tau International Subjects (CINAHL) Prostatic Neoplasms--Psychosocial Factors [1] Protocols [6] Psychiatric Home Care [1] Psychiatric Nursing [2] Psychiatric Patients [1] Psychoeducation [2] Psychological Tests [1] Psychological Well-Being [10] Psychological Well-Being -- Evaluation [1] Psychological Well-Being--Evaluation [1] Psychological Well-Being. Objective To develop a best practice guide for managing people with plantar heel pain (PHP). Methods Mixed-methods design including systematic review, expert interviews and patient survey. Data sources Medline, Embase, CINAHL, SPORTDiscus, Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials, trial registries, reference lists and citation tracking

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5. EBESCO CINAHL, and: 6. The reference sections of studies that were included in the review. Only RCTs were included. Krapfl and Grey 14 (2008), United States To review the effectiveness of repositioning to prevent PU. Systematic review of electronic databases MEDLINE and CINAHL from January 1960 to July 2008 Subjects (CINAHL) Professional-Patient Relations--Evaluation [1] Professional-Patient Relations [4] Professionalism [2] Professional Image [2] Program Development [3] Program Evaluation [4] Program Evaluation -- Economics [1] Program Evaluation -- Economics -- Pennsylvania [1] Program Implementation [9] Proposal Writing [3] Prostatic Neoplasms [3 Corticosteroid injection is frequently used for plantar heel pain (plantar fasciitis), although there is limited high-quality evidence to support this treatment. Therefore, this study reviewed randomised trials to estimate the effectiveness of corticosteroid injection for plantar heel pain. A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials that compared corticosteroid injection to any.

MB and HB were responsible for screening articles and data extraction for the review. MB and BD performed statistical analyses, and BD also contributed to manuscript writing and critical revision. CP, AW, MV, JD, DM, and GP were all jointly responsible for clinical interpretation and organization of results, as well as critical revision of the manuscript Previous research on the effectiveness of needle exchange programs (NEP) in preventing hepatitis C virus (HCV) in people who inject drugs (PWID) has shown mixed findings. The purpose of this study was to use the meta-analytic approach to examine the association between NEP use and HCV prevention in PWIDs. Study inclusion criteria were (1) observational studies, (2) PWIDs, (3) NEP use, (4) HCV.

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Autistic people are more likely to: be diagnosed with a range of physical health conditions (i.e. cardio-vascular disease); experience premature mortality (for most disease categories); and experience barriers to effectively accessing healthcare. This systematic review sought to identify studies that report on barriers and facilitators to physical healthcare access for autistic people Four databases (CINAHL, MEDLINE, ProQuest, and Web of Science Core Collections) were searched in April 2020 using keywords relating to SARS-CoV, physical function, fitness, and exercise. HB. Disability among elderly survivors of mechanical ventilation

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Clinical guidelines exhort clinicians to encourage patients to improve their health behaviours. However, most offer little support on how to have these conversations in practice. Clinicians fear that health behaviour change talk will create interactional difficulties and discomfort for both clinician and patient. This review aims to identify how healthcare professionals can best communicate. Results. Eleven studies were included in this review. The assessment indicators in different reports covered heart rate, blood pressure, placental and birth canal check, hemoglobin (Hb), hematocrit (HCT), coagulation function tests, hemodynamic parameters and arterial blood gas, but no data on the assessment of postpartum uterine contraction were found The following data sources were searched: Ovid MEDLINE (1950 to June 22, 2015), Cochrane Library via Wiley (1960 to June 22, 2015), CINAHL (1981 to June 22, 2015), Web of Science (1926 to June 22, 2015), and Embase.com (1946 to June 22, 2015). Two major systematic search strategies were performed for this review (Figure) We searched CINAHL, EMBASE, Medline, Global Health, and Pubmed from 2009 to 2016. Selection criteria. Reports of stillbirth causes in unselective cohorts. Data collection and analysis. Pooled estimates of causes were derived for country representative reports. Systems and causes were assessed for alignment with the ICD‐PM

Review question: we reviewed the evidence for giving iron treatment to people with a low red blood cell count (anaemia) before they had major surgery, to see if it reduced their need for blood transfusions around the time of surgery. We found six studies that looked at this question. Background: anaemia is a common problem for people about to have surgery Telemedicine improves access to health care services enabling remote care diagnosis and treatment of patients at a distance. However, the implementation of telemedicine services often pose challenges stemming from the lack of attention to change management (CM). Health care practitioners and researchers agree that successful telemedicine services require significant organizational and practice. Cinahl Information Systems accepts no liability for advice or information given herein or errors/omissions in the text. It is merely intended as a general informational overview of the subject for the healthcare professional. Cinahl Information Systems, 1509 Wilson Terrace, Glendale, CA 91206 Energy Requirements, Estimatin Hb = haemoglobin MRI = magnetic resonance imaging CXR = chest X-ray Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane, Science Direct and Ovid databases was carried out to source relevant literature

A literature search was performed using MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane, and CINAHL from inception to May 2018. Inclusion criteria were the following: published in English, mean/median age ≥ 65 years, sarcopenia diagnosis (based on definitions used by the original studies' authors), falls and/or fractures outcomes, and any study population The turnover of human serum albumin is much shorter (half-life 14-20 d) than that of Hb (erythrocyte life span 120 d), so the degree of glycation of serum proteins (mostly albumin), indicated by fructosamine or GSA, better reflects the level of glycaemia over short time periods than does glycation of Hb (Reference Goldstein, Little and Lorenz 14) Some studies also assessed the diagnostic accuracy of the HCS at other cut-offs but the definitions of these varied. 'Severe' anaemia was generally defined as Hb <7 g/dl or <6 g/dl, but one study also defined a cut-off for 'very severe' anaemia as <5 g/dl. A few studies used different definitions for men and women

Gastric-tube feeding and post-pyloric feeding are the two most common forms of enteral nutrition, each with advantages and disadvantages. To explore the effects and safety of gastric-tube versus. LibGuides is built upon Bootstrap, a framework of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Librarians can increase the usability and functionality of their guides with Bootstrap's components without the need of extensive web development experience The aim in this literature review was (1) to explore the physiologically and psychologically therapeutic benefits of forest bathing on adults suffering from pre-hypertension or hypertension, and (2) to identify the type, duration, and frequency of an effective forest bathing intervention in the management of pre-hypertension and hypertension, so as to provide directions for future. LINE, CINAHL, PSYCINFO) were searched and also hand searching of the Journal of Advanced Nursing and Child: Care, Health and Development. Primary research studies written in Eng-lish language describing parents' experiences of living with a child with a long-term condition were included. Thematic analysis un-derpinned data synthesis

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Mihai Bragaru1,2, Rienk Dekker1,3 and Jan HB Geertzen1,2 Abstract Background: Sport prostheses are used by both upper- and lower-limb amputees while participating in sports and other physical activities. Although the number of these devices has increased over the past decade, no overview of the pee Conclusion: Evidence for falls prevention interventions for adults with cognitive impairment is varied and inconclusive. When compared with the literature on falls interventions in healthy older adult populations, both primary and synthesis studies in older adults with cognitive impairment are lacking in number, quality and homogeneity of sample population and interventions A search of four databases (PubMed, Embase, CINAHL, Web of Science) was conducted. The search strategy was developed and refined in group discussion after preliminary searches. The final search strategy included a comprehensive list of terms relating to or describing the target population (cerebral palsy), intervention (training;. Svansdottir HB, Snaedal J (2006) Music therapy in moderate and severe dementia of Alzheimer' s type: a case-contr ol study. Int Psychoger iatr 18 (4): 613-2

CINAHL betyder Nuvarande Index till omvårdnad och allierade Hälsolitteratur. Vi är stolta över att lista förkortningen av CINAHL i den största databasen av förkortningar och akronymer. Följande bild visar en av definitionerna för CINAHL på engelska: Nuvarande Index till omvårdnad och allierade Hälsolitteratur Diets utilising intermittent fasting (IF) as a strategic method to manipulate body composition have recently grown in popularity, however, dietary practices involving fasting have also been followed for centuries for religious reasons (i.e., Ramadan). Regardless of the reasons for engaging in IF, the impacts on lean body mass (LBM) may be detrimental Health navigation is an approach to improving healthcare delivery that helps individuals access the care they need. 1-3 People called navigators work with each client to identify and reduce any barriers they may face that make it difficult for them to get quality, timely care. 2 Services are tailored to each individual and may include appointment scheduling, transportation, accompaniment. With the growth of palliative care services, interest in moral issues also seems to be growing. The controversial issue of euthanasia significantly provokes moral reflection on the care for dying patients. This article presents an analysis of the moral issue of euthanasia as it is discussed by the palliative care community in the professional journals of palliative care Background Self-administration of medicines is believed to increase patients' understanding about their medication and to promote their independence and autonomy in the hospital setting. The effect of inpatient self-administration of medication (SAM) schemes on patients, staff and institutions is currently unclear. Objective To systematically review the literature relating to the effect of SAM.

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Background In a society where ageing of the population and the increasing prevalence of long-term conditions are major issues, collaboration between primary and secondary care is essential to provide continuous, patient-centred care. Doctors play an essential role at the primary-secondary care interface in realising 'seamless' care. Therefore, they should possess collaborative competencies. Objective The Journal of Perinatal Medicine ( JPM ) is a truly international forum covering the entire field of perinatal medicine. It is an essential news source for all those obstetricians, neonatologists, perinatologists and allied health professionals who wish to keep abreast of progress in perinatal and related research. Ahead-of-print publishing ensures fastest possible knowledge. Achilles tendon ruptures are a common injury and are increasing in incidence. Several management strategies exist for both non-operative and operative care, with each strategy offering unique risks and benefits. Traditional pairwise meta-analyses have been performed to compare management strategies; however, all treatment options have never been integrated in a single analysis

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