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The Joker is the Clown Prince of Crime. A deranged and disfigured psychopath, he was the archnemesis of Batman. Even decades after his death, his name was still an inspiration for a maniacal and nihilistic gang, the Jokerz. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Joker 1.3 Harley Quinn 1.4 Schemes Outside of Gotham & Attacking the Justice League 1.5 Death 1.6 Return 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Powers 2.2. The Joker is also seen in many video games based on the Batman: The Animated Series. The Joker's appearance in the DCAU is patterned after Jack Nicholson's portrayal of the character in the 1989 movie Batman. In Mad Love, The Joker makes a reference to his voice actor's role as Luke Skywalker The Joker was a supervillain and archenemy of Batman. He is currently imprisoned at Arkham Asylum (until he was supposedly killed by Batman in the Mobius Chair). 1 Biography 1.1 Son of Batman 1.2 Batman vs. Robin 1.3 Batman: Hush 1.4 Justice League Dark: Apokolips War 2 Appearance 3 Abilities 4 Gallery 5 Appearances 5.1 Films When Batman went to visit Killer Croc at Arkham Asylum with Jim.

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The Joker was a major recurring villain in the DC Animated Universe which started with Batman: The Animated Series and continued through the series making up the DC Animated Universe (or DCAU). Like most characters in the DCAU, he is an iteration of the Joker from the DC comic books. The Joker was voiced by Mark Hamill, who may now be as well known for this as for his live-action role as Luke. Joker hypno een kindFile:Littlej.jpg.png|thumb|Tim Drake as Joker Jr.]] Joker Jr. (or J.J. for short) is Tim Drake when he was brainwashed and tortured by The Joker in Batman Beyond : Return of The Joker. His laughs and crys are done by Andrea Romano. Drake's costumed career was tainted, however. Some years later, after Dick Grayson (Joker Jr or J.J), Nightwing had left Gotham for Bludhaven. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Movie) Robin Timothy Drake was a successor to Dick Grayson as Robin. 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Abilities 3 Notes 4 Related 5 External Links 5.1 Footnotes Growing up in Gotham City's urban slums; his father Shifty Steven Drake was often a thug for Two-Face. Despite his negligent parenting Drake cared enough to at least try to keep Timothy safe.

The Joker (real name presumed to be Jack Napier) is a major antagonist in the DC Animated Universe. He is a completely insane and disturbed psychopath who seeks to cause chaos, destruction and misery where ever and when ever he can, as wells as the archenemy of Batman. He is the main antagonist of the Batman: The Animated Series show and its sequel series, The New Batman Adventures, a major. An unnamed criminal was once a lethal mob enforcer before starting his own criminal organization. A ruthless killer with no remorse and a dark sense of humor, his macabre mentality was further enhanced when, during a confrontation between the Batman, he somehow fell into a chemical vat, which turned his skin white, his hair green, his lips ruby red, and his eyes yellowish. A fate to be.

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Batman (DCAU) vs Joker (DCAU) Luke Skywalker vs Joker (DCAU) Nightwing (DCAU) vs Joker (DCAU) Super Powers Durability Insanity Intelligence Master Tactician Stamina Agility Explosion Manipulation Marksmanship Reflexes Stealth Toxin and Disease Control Toxin and Disease Resistance Weapons Master. Origin. Creator: DC Comics: Universe: DCAU - DC. Search titles only By: Search Advanced searc I have to imagine that it's Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, because you really watch him die. I'm not really sure that you could say which Return of the Joker death is canon, because it doesn't make any difference in any other scene in the entire DCAU DCAU_Joker is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join DCAU_Joker on Roblox and explore together!I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go Walkin' with a dead man over my shoulder. Waiting for an invitation to arrive Goin' to a party where no one's still alive Waiting. Despite the DCAU Joker committing some pretty evil acts over the years, the events of The Killing Joke never occurred. So as a result, Barbara Gordon never lost the use of her legs and she remained a crimefighter as the always amazing Batgirl

I interpret the DCAU Joker as psychotic, a genius sure, but psychotic. So yeah he does eventually want to kill Batman, but he wants it to be at the end of a perfect joke, a perfect plan, which he probably can never pull of, because he'll never be satisfied or happy with any plan The Joker, the archenemy of the fictional superhero Batman, has appeared in various media. WorldCat (a catalog of libraries in 170 countries) records over 250 productions featuring the Joker as a subject, including films, television series, books, and video games. Live-action films featuring the character are typically the most successful. The Joker has been portrayed by Cesar Romero in the. Joker taking all of her credit for the robberies she had managed to commit. At some point in time, Harley dared Joker to tattoo a smiley face onto the face of a man named Happy. Joker's relationship with Harley gave her immunity over criminals and low-lives of Gotham considering the fear of Joker, including the likes of crime boss Black Mask Joker and Monster T discussing Harley. At his own nightclub on October 13, 2014, the Joker watches Harley strip dance while the new thug Monster T approaches and speaks with him.However, Monster T takes a real interest in Harley, which enrages Joker. He calls her over to him and offers her to Monster T, who, noticing Joker's jealously and fueling rage, immediately refuses DCAU: 10 Storylines That Were Ahead Of Their Time. The DC Animated Universe had pushed the envelope earlier than most people think, 6 Joker Hurting The Child Tim Drake. A highly controversial angle for a children-based movie was shown in Return of the Joker

Joker/DCAU < Joker. Edit. Edit source History Talk (0) Share. This page is similar in name or subject to other pages. See also Joker for a complete list of references to clarify differences between these closely named or closely related articles. The Joker: Aliases: Joker: Continuity: DC Animated Universe: Notability This is my alternate watch order for the DCAU, which includes the main shows and films; Batman: The Animated Series (B:TAS)/ The New Batman Adventures (TNBA), Superman: The Animated Series (S:TAS), Batman Beyond (BB), Justice League (JL), Justice League Unlimited (JLU), Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (BB), Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (B:TAS), Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero (B:TAS), Batman. Joker goes to Metropolis with an offer and plan to kill Superman for Lex Luthor while Batman pursues the clown to Superman's turf. Director: Toshihiko Masuda | Stars: Tim Daly, Dana Delany, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill. Votes: 8,71 The Joker is a insane homicidal maniac who was Batman's arch nemesis. He originally was an unnamed gangster who was hired to work in a mob, but was thrown into a vat of chemicals by Batman making his skin chalk white and making his hair green. He is voiced by Mark Hamill in Batman : The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond : Return of The Joker, Justice League, Static. DC Animated Universe (förkortning DCAU) är en fanbeteckning på alla tecknade Warner Bros.-serier som skapats av producenten Bruce Timm. DCAU kallas även för Timmverse. TV-serierna som ingår är: Batman (på engelska även kallad Batman - The Animated Series, 1992-1994).; Batman och Robin (The Adventures of Batman and Robin, 1994-1995)

DC DCAU, DCAU Robin, Batman DCAU, Aquaman DCAU, DCAU Fan Art, DCAU Villains, DCAU Joker, DCAU Titans, DCAU Characters, DCAU Nightwing, Tim Drake DCAU, Batwoman DCAU, DCAU Timeline, DC Animated, Darkseid DCAU, Deathstroke DCAU, Superman DCAU, Bruce Wayne DCAU, Tala DC Comics, DCAU Grodd, Batman Beyond DCAU, DCAU Wallpaper, The Flash DCAU, Roulette DC, Drawings of DC Comics Characters, Vigilante. The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. The Joker (DCAU) | ComicToon Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Vide

After the shocking revelation, Bruce forces Terry to give up the cowl. However, things get worse when Joker makes his way into the Batcave and attacks Bruce. When Bruce is found intoxicated with Jokers laughing gas, Terry nurtures him back to health and Barbra explains to him the reason why the Joker they saw couldn't be the real one Aug 31, 2017 - My artwork of the Joker from the DCAU. Taken from the How to Draw Batman, Superman, and Other DC Super Heroes and Villains book. I used his Batman Beyon... DCAU Joker (TNBA Style Joker spread his laughing gas. However, some of his crimes seem to have a logical goal. On another occasion, Joker planned to gain major profits by spreading his laughing gas across Gotham. In order to achieve this, Joker used a load of garbage that was transported through the river and he sprayed the garbage with his laughing toxin The Joker rummages through his belongings, finds the Red Hood costume and wears it for a robbery in order to regain his confidence and become the Joker again. Batman: The Man Who Laughs is a retelling of the Joker's first appearance, a few months after the Red Hood's plunge into the chemicals, thus tying the story into both Batman: Year One and Batman: The Killing Joke Superhero battle match: Batman (DCAU) versus Joker (DCAU). Who will win in a fight between Batman (DCAU) and Joker (DCAU)

47:59 - New DCAU-style Capstone books. 49:52 - New DC Collectibles BTAS-style figures. 55:00 - JOKER Review (Spoilers) 1:23:54 - Comic Relief (Forever Evil, Drowned Earth, Year of the Villain, and Batman: the Animated Newsletter) 1:37:04 - Everyone's Trash. 1:46:29 - Shout-outs/Outtro----Follow us on social media The Joker is one of the main antagonists of DC Comics, most often pitted against his archenemy Batman, Superman, and occasionally the Justice League as a whole as a part of the Legion of Doom. In the comics, the Joker is portrayed as a master criminal whose characterization has varied. The original and currently dominant image is of a highly intelligent homicidal maniac with a twisted.

Joker is a psychotic supervillain and a member of the Injustice League. 1 Personality 2 Physical appearance 3 History 3.1 Early life 3.2 2010 4 Equipment 5 Appearances 6 Background information 7 References The Joker is a dangerous and psychopathic criminal. Although he looks like a clown, he is never to be underestimated. He is cruel, sinister, manipulative and above all, completely insane. He. DCAU: Every Movie, Ranked According To IMDb. Along with its stellar TV series, DC Animated Universe also produced its share of movies, mostly featuring Batman

DCAU Joker movie version. By Alexbadass Watch. 301 Favourites. 21 Comments. 5K Views. batman joker brucetimm brucetimmstyle joaquinphoenix justiceleague justiceleagueunlimited jokermovie brucetimmfanart brucetimmjoker joaquinphoenixjoker. Based on the new trailer of the movie Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck (Joker Joker gets 2 days of prep. Zatanna is morals on.Win by any means.In Gotham City The Jokerz are a large street gang of punks 40 years in the future of the DCAU that take their inspiration from the Joker, Batman's onetime archnemesis. They tend to dress in clownish costumes and makeup as did their namesake, but have none of the style or humor of the original. They are based in Gotham City. 1 Appearances 2 Members 2.1 Band I 2.2 Band II 2.3 Band III 3 Alternate Continuities. This is my attempt at the DCAU Joker i tried my best and hope you enjoy If there are ANY flaws that you see write it in the comments. i love feedback Reference Image Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, The Joker (DCAU), was posted by SladeWilson Tier 6-B Height 6 feet Destructive Capababilities 6-B Penetration Duration 2/7 Range 1/7 Intellect At least 2/4 Fighting Capabilities 2/5 Speed 1/8 Lifting Strength 1/8 Stamina 2/4 Abilities and Power Advantage 2/5 Weakness Immunity 3/4 Canon Victories Canon Losses Inconclusive Matches QPMV QPML QPM

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To celebrate the release of the Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker movie, Cal & Liam release their very first bonus episode of the DCAU Review. This special edition has the Good Brothers covering some of their favorite Joker moments in animation. Listen as the brothers cover a few familiar moments in the DCAU and a few other Morrison s Joker DCAU style. By Azraeuz Watch. 118 Favourites. 10 Comments. 9K Views. In Batman #655, a deranged police officer impersonating Batman shoots the Joker in the face, leaving him physically scarred and disabled. After having undergone extensive plastic surgery and physical therapy,.

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  1. Profiles for characters, weapons, etc. pertaining to the DC Animated Universe. Trending pages. Superman (DCAU) Flash (DCAU) Darkseid (DCAU) Batman (DCAU
  2. DCAU Review BTAS, DCAU Review, Joker, Podcast, Top Picks Leave a comment November 23, 2019 January 15, 2021 1 Minute Ep. 80 - BTAS - Robin's Reckoning Part I & II In the 80th year of Batman's existence, it's only fitting that the 80th edition of the DCAU Review covers the origin story of one of the Caped Crusader's greatest allies, the Boy Wonder, in the episode Robin's.
  3. The Joker, the archenemy of the fictional superhero Batman, has appeared in various media. WorldCat (a catalog of libraries in 170 countries) records over 250 productions featuring the Joker as a subject, including films, television series, books, and video games. Live-action films featuring the character are typically the most successful
  4. al record and then lived the high life on what he believed to be hundreds of millions. After one session,.
  5. The Joker Infection was a unique condition created by the Joker's mutated blood that slowly turned those infected into direct copies of him. 1 History 1.1 Before Arkham City 1.2 Arkham City 1.3 Before Arkham Knight 1.4 Arkham VR 1.5 Arkham Knight 2 Known Victims 3 Trivia Prior to the events of Batman: Arkham City, the chances for a cure to the Titan Disease were looking slim. Joker had the.

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As everyone here likely knows, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy have been voicing the Joker and Batman since forever, most famously during the Batman: The Animated Series run, with the Killing Joke and his prologue plus some technical aspects of the movie makes me very cautious of another DCAU adaptation Short for DC Animated Universe, a group of animated series based on DC Comics characters and, unlike other DC adaptations, all sharing the same continuity. Batman the Animated Series was doing well but eventually ended in 1995. As well, Superman the Animated Series started up in 1996 with a similar but streamlined art design and when The New Batman Adventures arrived in 1997 (explicitly a. Joker's Favor. Director: Boyd Kirkland Writer: Paul Dini. Prod. Number: 022 Airdate: 11/11/92 DCAU Date: 10/11/91 [Prologue], 09/05/96-09/06/93 [Episode] Summary:When Charlie Collins cusses out The Joker, The Clown Prince of Crime spare The Joker was a clown that was Batman's arch foe. His continuing agenda was to humiliate and destroy Batman and his allies. 1 Background Information 1.1 Filmation Continuity 1.2 SuperFriends Continuity 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Super Powers 2.2 Abilities 3 Equipment 3.1 Weaponry 3.2 Transportation 4 Episode Appearance 5 Notes 6 Trivia 7 External Links 8 Appearances in Other Media 9 References. Listen to this episode from Podcast - THE DCAU REVIEW on Spotify. Episode 36 of the DCAU Review reviews a landmark episode in the history of not only the DCAU, but also DC Comics as a whole. Joker's Favor, features the debut of the character that would birth a worldwide phenomenon known as Harley Quinn. The Good Brothers talk a little Harley history, Mark Hamill finding his

Batman vs Joker ( The Death of Joker ). Joker :- See you in Hell. Movie :- The Dark knight Returns. Watch the video till end Prod. Number: 032 Airdate: 02/07/93 DCAU Date: 01/08/93 [Present Day] 07/15/84-07/20/84 [Flashback] Summary:When Robin finds out Batman is preventing him from going after the man who killed his parents, he threatens to go rogue in his anger

Iron Studios is back with a new Joker comic statue. The latest statue from Iron Studios shows off two comic book versions of the Joker. It's a 1/10 scale statue and will clock in at 9-inches Opponents: Zombozo vs Joker Battlefield: Victory Conditions: Death or KO Motivation: They want to show the other clown what happens when you try to steal their gig. Equipment: Composite Prep Time: None Bloodlust Y/N: In Character Knowledge: None, just that the other is a clown and have.. The Joker and the Queen. 45 likes. Here ye, here ye, make way for the QUEEN... and the Joker? We discuss how the Joker started shacking up with the Queen and everything in between

Criminal Sanity #8 is, much to my surprise, the conclusion to my second-longest-running series of reviews, and the explosive climax to Harley and Joker's story History of character is unknown. 6 Appearances of Jokerz (DCAU) Images featuring Jokerz (DCAU) Quotations by or about Jokerz (DCAU

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Apr 8, 2019 - DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art Borrowing elements of the Legends of the Dark Knight episode of Batman: The Animated Series, Gotham Knight is an anthology movie that focuses on six different stories all animated by four different Japanese animation studios.. Related: 10 Batman Comics That Will Never Be Made Into Movies (& Why) Gotham Knight is more than just another DCAU movie with an anime influence; it's just straight-up. Also Joker kill count are much higher than theirs. >ability to immerse >stupid setting that is more retarded as the year passes You should kill yourself for considering that stupid writing and setting acceptable. Joker is a fucked character and only serves to make Batman an even more fucked and retarded character as the whole setting around. Posts about Joker written by DCAU Review. The fifth Saturday of August 2020 gives the Good Brothers a chance at reviewing an Elseworlds tale from Batman: The Brave and the Bold. This week's episode titled Night of The Batmen! reveals what would happen if Batmen was put on the injured list for a time and a few other heroes had to cover for him DCAU 5 Characters That Looked Better In The New Batman Adventures (& 5 That Changed For The Worse) 1 Worse: The Joker. On the completely opposite side of the spectrum was the Joker. Out of all the designs, no character suffered worse than the Clown Prince Of Crime

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121 votes, 19 comments. 333k members in the batman community. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The World's Greatest Detective. Ol' Pointy Ears Arthur Fleck, later known as the Joker, is the titular protagonist villain of the 2019 psychological comic book thriller-film of the same name, the first installment of the DC Black film series. He is a mentally unstable failed comedian who, following his great lack of success and respect, loses his sanity until he becomes a nihilistic and psychotic criminal known as the Joker aiming himself. Unlike her DCAU counterpart and previous versions, Harleen never believed any of the Joker's tales about his childhood and is shown to be both incredibly intelligent and has some fighting proficiency as shown when she threatened the Joker upon realizing he has brought a knife into their first session The Joker was the chosen alias of Jack Napier, a mob enforcer whose appearance was radically altered by chemicals and botched plastic surgery.Joker became Batman's first great enemy after he attempted to take control of the city from the mob and committed mass random murders.. Joker and Batman shared a secret past that made them greater enemies than either first realized The Joker is a minifigure officially released in 2006 (2005, in the Commemorative Limited Edition Batman Announcement set) as a part of the Batman theme, and is Batman's arch-enemy. The Joker reappeared in 2012 in the DC Universe subtheme of Super Heroes as a minifigure and a buildable action figure in the Ultrabuild subtheme. He appeared again in 2013 in an Asylum inmate outfit

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In the DCAU, the title is hers alone. The original Bat-Girl was Bette Kane, the niece of Batwoman, who served as her aunt's Robin. Barbara Gordon was the second, the niece/daughter/adopted daughter of Commissioner Gordon, after she was popularized by the 1960s Adam West TV series The Joker (DCAU) VS Father (Kids Next Door) Battle. Close. Vote. Posted by just now. The Joker (DCAU) VS Father (Kids Next Door) Battle. Round 1: Random Encounter only. Final Round: The Joker gets prep time and Father is allowed to use his Dragon Form. Bonus: Damian Wayne (DC Animated Film Universe) VS Sector V. 0 comments. share. save

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Posts about Joker written by DCAU Review. The 94th edition of the DCAU Review is here and this week the hosts review another classic tale featuring The Clown Prince of Crime in Batman: The Animated Series episode entitled Joker's Wild.The brothers discuss a strong soundtrack and comment on how each Joker episode features a unique sound while still using the familiar Joker theme 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Harley Quinn, real name Harleen Quinzel, is a major antagonist in Batman: The Animated Series.She is the sidekick and on-off girlfriend of theJoker. She occasionally strikesout on her own, and often servesas a companion/accomplice to Poison Ivy. A psychologist who encountered The Joker in Arkham Asylum. She became enamored with her patient. DCAU Joker (TNBA Style) Aug 31, 2017 - My artwork of the Joker from the DCAU. Taken from the How to Draw Batman, Superman, and Other DC Super Heroes and Villains book See more dcau GIFs! Create and share your own GIFs, amazing moments and funny reactions with Gfyca

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The Joker is easily the top villain DC has ever produced, and is also superior to pretty much all of Marvel's villains as well, making him perhaps the greatest supervillain to have ever been made. With the latest Joker film now out, it's only logical to check out the history behind this character.. RELATED: Birds of Prey: 10 Mistakes From Suicide Squad The Film Needs To Avoi He is also one of Earth's greatest strategists who is above the likes of the Joker, is one of the greatest (if not the greatest) fighter on Earth, is an escape artist of an unchallenged caliber, is a business man who ran one of the greatest companies in the DCAU, and has years of experience fighting a whole plethora of enemies Btman.Ninja.2018. DCAU - Animated Universe. 45 views · June 13, 202

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DC Animated Universe (DCAU) DCAU or DC Animated Universe is a fan-originated term which refers to the continuity shared by seven animated series, four made-for-television movies, as well as several (notably out-of-continuity) tie-in comics and video games. Though named a Universe, it is actually a multiverse of its own (with at least 4 Earths), wit History of character is unknown. 6 Appearances of Jokerz (DCAU) Images featuring Jokerz (DCAU) Quotations by or about Jokerz (DCAU See a recent post on Tumblr from @pickleston about batman:-return-of-the-joker. Discover more posts about batman:-return-of-the-joker Bonus Episode 15 is here and the Good Brothers decided to bring something new to the DCAU Review library! This week the hosts try their hands at a good old-fashioned commentary track to go along with the Batman: The Animated Series episode Christmas with the Joker.Rather than give a longer form review with a scorecard, Cal and Liam allow you to experience the action of the episode as if. Joker (supposedly) - Supposedly killed in the LexCorp airship's explosion. Batman - The Animated Series / The NEW-Batman Adventures Growing Pains Annie - Sacrificed herself to save Robin, by allowing Clayface to reabsorb her. Justice League Secret Origins J Allen Carter - Killed by the Imperium on Mars. The Imperium - Burnt to death in sunligh

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